December 29, 2011

Christmas eve

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is...

DECEMBER is lifeless without christmas and of course holiday! ^^
Remember my last christmas- the first christmas I've ever spent in London without my family- me and my newcastle friends had fine dining, attended christmas mass in Westminster Abbey, and shopped till drop the next morning on boxing day. This is the most vibrant christmas I've ever had!!

Yet this christmas, warm and calm, spending holiday with my family in tropical country. With my bro and cousin, we decorated a christmas tree in my aunt's house.

Not a fake christmas tree! hehe

Taking crazy photo-shoots with my best friends!

I'm so glad to be back home. And still got a chance to enjoy both experiences.
Merry christmas everyone and happy holiday!!! Cheers!

November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday My Scorpion girls!!!

Dedicated to Karrent, Komo and Orys who were born on november. Wishing you guys a very great birthday!!!

Birthday Card for Karrent
17 November

Karrent's favorite

A banana symbolizes a smile

Birthday Card for Orys
22 November

Seven things that Orys likes.

November 16, 2011

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz

SPOTTED: An interesting website, owned by a the publishing house based in German, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz.

Inspired by the quote,

"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." Paolo Coelho

Produces delicate books with highly aesthetic and skillful production.
My Favorites are:

Lars Harmsen | Raban Ruddigkeit [Hrsg.]
Typodarium 2012

November 12, 2011

Indonesian Students' Society in Newcastle

THE NEW election for the president of Indonesian Students' Society in Newcastle is coming! It means the duty of PPI committee 2010-2011 has been completed. One year passed, I gained lots of experiences organizing and performing the Indonesian activities especially relates with Indonesian culture and traditions.

Examples of articles about culture activities 2010-2011:
- Traditional Indonesian Costumes Fashion Show in Globemania, Northumbria University
- Indonesian Performance in International Festival of Arts and Music “IFAM
-Come Dine with Me, "Indonesia, Ultimate Diversity"

creating the certificate that is distributed to the member of PPI
-with Millenium bridge background as a symbol of the toon

October 25, 2011

Come Dine with Me_Indonesia, Ultimate in Diversity

Passion + Opportunity= Action

EVERYTHING starts from small step. Passion in dancing leads me taking part in Indonesian dance & music performances that were held in Newcastle. As an active performer and committee, I'm always keen to introduce Indonesian culture and heritage. We have been invited to participate in events held by Northumbria Uni, Newcastle Uni, Northern Gamelans in Gateshead, London Embassy and other cities in United Kingdom. Moreover, we've got the chance to host our own event as a part of Culture Challenge Project Come Dine with Me.

I've recruited to lead the creative team producing the marketing tools to promote the event, such as: the poster, flyer, ticket and merchandises.The concept is inviting people to take adventure in the journey to taste and feel the uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine,dances and music instruments.

Exploring the uniqueness of Indonesia that are illustrated by the examples of Indonesian cultural elements and traditions, such as: wayang (puppets), Monas (National Monument), Angklung (traditional instruments), etc.

Entrance Ticket

The clothes shaped raffle ticket consists of two parts.
The upper part can be kept by visitor as a gift.
Lower part is draw for prizes.

October 21, 2011

Birthday Poster

MY FRIEND asked me for a help to design a birthday poster for his girlfriend. She likes traveling, so I made illustration of a train with happy and vibrant colors and put some of her photos as well. A little help that makes people happy =D

Special Birthday Card

GOT an idea to create an unique birthday card to celebrate one of my friend's born day, Nina. The collection of our memorable photos symbolizes the friendship and togetherness. Happy Birthday Nina, keep inspiring and dreaming!

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many
breaths you took,but how many moments took
your breath away" Anynomous

October 19, 2011

Volunteer in Stoke Newington

OCTOBER 4,2011_Deciding to take a small adventure, I participated as a volunteer in Hattie Newman's new studio. Exploring the route from All Saints to Stoke Newington, I used google map to guide me. Hopefully, I didn't get lost. The studio is located near Clissold Park which is quite large and peaceful.

Hattie and her crews welcome me with enthusiasm. I love all decorations and creative stuff that is filled the studio. Working in this kind of ambience is my big desire.

A pleasant and lovely studio

They were making the hanging paper installation for a window display in upcoming exhibition. And I was helping fold lots of paper shapes and glue some of them.

Hundreds of craft materials

Unfortunately, I just spent several hours with them. Wish I were extended my stay in London. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my experience there. And wish a good luck for their exhibition!!

September 30, 2011

Grumpy Sheep Music_Cover & Flyer

SEPTEMBER PROJECT_It's been fantastic opportunity to design a new cover book of Grumpy Sheep Music owned by Caroline Hoile, 'The Supersonic Lamb'. The story tells us about a super-fast lamb who finally discover that winning isn't everything, but trying your very best is. The typography and illustration emphasize olympic and christmas musical feel. All entwined with the grumpy sheep corporate style.

Cover Book_The Supersonic Lamb

September 21, 2011

Garage Sale

DURING September, many students move out or leave for good, meanwhile new students are coming, starting their life in Newcastle. Based on those needs, me, Komo and Milka decide to organize a garage sale. We collect and sell stuff such as: winter clothes, kitchen appliances, bedding, electronics, accessories, etc. That really helps for those who wanna save money and meet new people. Shop on and Get Socialise!

For the preparations, we arrange the concept which is designing a poster that feels British in same time presenting the Indonesian identity as well. Get an idea of using Second World War British Poster that's commonly used as a decorative theme for range of other products.

At the beginning, the poster was intended to strengthen the morale of British public during the war. Nowadays, it's modified and used as a decorative theme.

First step is browsing for the alternatives slogan.

Try to combine words becoming a catchy sentence. Slogan that encapsulate the message and personality that we want to put across.

Here we go, the slogan for the poster,
'First Come, First Serve' (translation)

September 16, 2011

Promotional Items: Thorntons

Voilà! Finally, my blog has been published! would be filled by many personal artworks and arts activities. Enjoy!!

Looking back at my archives, I find a promotional project which is created to help my friend with her assignment. Really glad that she loves the result! And so did the lecture! =D

Thorntons-the badge

Thorntons-the complimentary gifts