March 26, 2013

Trend Guides: 5 ways to update your look

Power forward in this SS13 with luxurious jewellery collection from Anna Lou of London! Anna Lou gives a hint of this season the 5 ways to update your look. Discover this season's key trends:


March 22, 2013

Model Photo Shoot

Just wanted to update, I am doing model photo shoot at the moment for Anna Lou of London. I am sharing my full of excitement. Enjoy this quick snap of photos!

March 20, 2013

Website Design: Vimadev

To welcome the first day of Spring, I’ve been following along with excitement as Victor established his website, Few past weeks, we both working on IT service website. While he is dealing with technical and programming stuff, my responsibility is designing website interfaces and all graphic elements. And also contributing in creative solutions regarding visual interface and user experience. 


This is a web and system services website building by Victor, featured with his profile, skill and education, and online portfolio. This particular design incorporates the HTML and CSS in a simple and flexible way. Victor found a way to adjust the layout automatically adaptable in any template. Either small version for mobile screen or large desktop size.  He proved to me that coding can be so much fun!

We decided keyboard is perfect to resemble what this website is about. I bring this idea into the design of icons.

Essentials icons


Wiki is one of sub content of Basically, it is a server software, used to build hierarchical content archives. Victor wanted to keep the hierarchy consistent with current wiki media. However,I always find abundant possibilities to explore creativity in design.

Here's little look at first draft:


Another sub content of, Regex is a regular expression tester, built to help developer test the syntax. It was programmed in PHP, HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.

Scarlet red and black color pallette

March 13, 2013

@annalouoflondon #socialmedia necklaces

The idea of being socialise beyond virtual is so big nowadays. 
What better way to socialise than with your customised luxury social media necklaces by Anna Lou of London?

Get more followers by wearing this cool social tag necklace or share your favourite quote on hashtag necklace. A ball chain reminiscent of military dog tags engraved with your twitter address or hashtag your favourite tags and quotes. 

So, let's to be a #trend!

Aqua color associates with virtual drawn reader's attention when receiving this newsletter in their inbox. And this items also featured in Anna Lou of London Facebook Exclusive. Become a fan of @annalouoflondon and discover each month exclusive collection.

Facebook exclusive page has been set up to integrate with @annalouoflondon website. 

March 09, 2013

Sum up: ALOL New Collections

You know the feeling when you have been so much into one whole progress of project? 

I know it so well!

Past few months, I have involved in Anna Lou of London new collections from visualising the ideas until launched them online. Early months working in ALOL, I created mock-up from sketches, attaching colors and dimension. 

Few alterations came up during process while receiving feedback from company. 
When it finalised, we are ready to receive the samples. The quality of samples was checked and most important try to wear them. 

The samples are ready to photographed. 
(Read my previous blog about this experience)

We nearly there!

Last step, using all images to design 
catalogue and lookbook 2013. 
I am completely happy when both been printed.

New Collection Lookbook

Sneak peak catalogue pages

It's a wrap!!

March 03, 2013

Mother's day at Anna Lou of London

It's an appreciation day for mum all around England! Just after Valentine Days, we still want to share love in Mother's Day on 10th March. Anna Lou of London's best and unique gifts for your special mum in whenever you ready to order. 

Two weeks before the day:

Why not giving something personal? 

A delicate sterling silver tag necklace engraved your personal message handmade by order will definitely win her heart.

One week before the day

What will you give to her next week? 

Jewellery are always women's best friends! So treat your mum a special gift from Anna Lou of London and take 20% off all purchase because we know you love your mother very much. 

Last day before Mother's Day

Don't panic!

With Anna Lou fast delivery service and free gift wrapping, everything is still possible. Just simple clicks, your gift will be arrived just in time for Mother's Day.