January 30, 2013

ALOL Lookbook 2012

I just realised I haven`t posted the first ALOL lookbook. I designed that lookbook last year when I just joined the company. Inspired by quirky and mischievous jewellery collection, the lookbook celebrates exuberant colors across the different hue as well establishes the brand which has been expanded from young age to more grown up target customer. Say goodbye to Anna Lou girl icon in blue dresses and all disney style pieces such as bambi, bunny, mad hatter, etc. Anna Lou now bring up this season trends into luxurious gold vermeil, sterling silver, enamel and acrylic jewellery and accesories. The bold and wearable pieces featured by Angela Scanlon as Anna Lou of London brand ambassador.

January 25, 2013

Anna Lou instore concession

Anna Lou jewellery and candles are now available 
to buy instore at House of Fraser. 
Mark your date for the first Anna Lou trunk show 
at House of Fraser.

an eye catching flyer to invite people join the Trunk Show.

January 18, 2013

Kabiri stationary: on the spotlight

These adorable compliment card, gift card, designer card, message card are such a great addition to the launching of Kabiri brand new website. 

Time to design a clean modern style of Kabiri core brand into a beautiful black and white stationary.

Compliment card

Gift card & Designer Card

A sense of elegant, Kabiri logo printed on black plastic paper with black matt finishing. The gift card also paired with a textured white envelope to attach the whole package together.

A glossy and embossed Kabiri logo on front of black art cartoon. The designer name and jewellery care instructions beautifully composed on the back.

A pretty gift wrapping from Kabiri 

I was beyond excited to wrap 
my favorite piece from Cabinet for customer. 

Personal message card

Request-able Personal Message

Nothing more special than a piece of textured paper 
written your personal message.

January 08, 2013

Room Sweet Rome in 2013

recycled flower vase
(reused beer bottle + duo tone color silk paper flower)

Still in new year mood_I moved to a new flat in East London since last October. It's small but perfectly fits for me. When I see empty space around, the inspiration hits me. I've got tons of ideas to decorate my room sweet room.

I bought christmas lights so long time a go and wondering if I could create something beautiful with that. Inspired by my fav blog, Oh Happy Day. I am keen to get my hands busy!

All you need is lots of colourful cupcake cases, christmas lights, and scissors to create Cupcake Flower Light Installation. And I am instantly fallin in love with this room.


January 01, 2013